Black Bear Hunting

Black Bear hunting in Northern Ontario is the best in the world. Most hunters already know that the Spring bear hunt was closed in 1999. Now we have a population explosion of bears in the region and the land can not feed the amount of bears in the area. As a result, we have a lot of bears feeding at our baited stations which is giving our customers an unusually high success rate with the Fall hunt.

Please Note: American Plan is only offered for the first week of the bear hunt.

Our bear hunting area consists of 140,000 acres. We have over 30 bait stations approximately 1 mile or more apart from each other. We bait our bears with only quality beef and pork which keeps them coming back every day.

The Fall bear hunt runs for three weeks from the last Saturday in August and the first two weeks of September. Bear hunters can also purchase a small game license and hunt Wolf after you get your bear. Please read the Wolf section for details. Please view and print the Bear Hunt Details Information Sheet

Success rates are available upon request.

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