Walleye are the most hunted fresh water game fish in Canada.  They have a scrappy fight and it's worth every struggle because they have a fantastic flavour and are easy to clean. In fact, many enthusiasts claim Walleye are the best tasting fish in the world! (Note: For sustainable fishing this fish must be 19 3/4inches to keep or must be returned back to the lake).

Fishing at Black Bear Wilderness Camp is amazing because of our remote northern location and untarnished, rugged and natural terrain. We employ conservative values to keep our Walleye fishing sustainable and Birch Lake offers a healthy and vibrant habitat that breeds the much needed natural bait that our fish forage, creating an abundant population.

Tips and more for fishing Walleye.

Northern Pike:

Northern Pike are easy to catch and hit almost any lure making for enjoyable fishing. They are masters of the lake and eat almost everything that moves. In Birch Lake, big Northerns are caught and released on a regular basis. Tips and more for fishing Northern Pike.

Small Pike are popular because when they are small and fresh they taste very similar to Walleye. It's true that they are a little tricky to clean so if you have never cleaned a Pike, ask us to show you how.


Lake Trout in Birch Lake get big. According to Wildlife Conservation Society Canada ... a quarter of the world's lake trout lakes are in Ontario, but even here only 1% of Ontario lakes have lake trout. At Black Bear Camp, the cool depths of our Birch Lake harbour Lake Trout of incredible size and 10+ pounders are common.

Brook Trout  also kown as Speckled Trout, is one of the most beautiful fish in North America. They are much smaller in size from other fish but the joy of walking up and down a scenic northern stream just adds to the adventure of finding these sometimes elusive fish. Brook Trout are also the best tasting of the Trout Family. Tips and more for fishing Trout.

At Black Bear Camp, we have many local streams and the famous Wakonassin River, which will give you the chance to not only catch good numbers but big size Brook Trout. Our guests are catching lots of small eating size and bigger trophy sizes in the 2 to 3 pound range.


Perch are a very easy fish to catch and taste terrific! Here at Black Bear Camp, we boast JUMBO Perch due to the unusual size of the Perch that come out of our lake.  Tips and more for fishing Perch.

Smallmouth Bass:

Smallmouth bass are by far the hardest fighting fish pound for pound. They are well known for their fight and for jumping clear into the air just after they hit your lure or bait in an effort to break free.

Birch Lake is a northern rocky Canadian Shield lake making it the perfect habitat for Smallmouth. We have a high population of Smallmouth bass and good size fish. Our guests catch lots of bass in the 3 to 5 pound range with the odd 6 to 7 pound trophy coming in.

Tips and more for fishing Smallmouth bass.


Fact: To correctly hold a bass, put its bottom lip between your thumb and bended pointer finger and hold tight.

About Our Fish

Fact: There are many Walleye trophies in the 7-8lb range caught and released every year. To keep this catch fish must be over 19 3/4"

Bass Fishing Black Bear Camp
Pike Fishing Black Bear Camp
Walleye Fishing Black Bear Camp
Perch Fishing Black Bear Camp

Fresh Water Fishing at Black Bear Camp

Fact: Perch LOVE to eat. Live bait is usually more effective than artificial lures.

Fact: The brook trout is a popular game fish with anglers, particularly fly fishermen.

Brook Trout Black Bear Camp
trout Fishing lack Bear Camp

Fact: Always use a wire leader because the Pike's mouthful of sharp teeth will easily bite through regular monofilament line.

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