Hunting Package: $1700 USD  - $300 deposit at time of booking.

Includes: your seven (7) day hunt; housekeeping; cabin; bear licence; taxes; stand set-up; bear tracking; retrieval; gutting and skinning; walk-in cooler storage and ice for the trip home. No hidden fees and no trophy fees. The Bear Export Permit is included with your payment. Please be prepared to assist in tracking , carrying your bear out of the woods and with gutting, skinning and meat preparation.


• Boat & motor rental: $100USD/wk plus  gas and oil .

• Any non-hunting parties: $175USD/wk *Some restrictions apply see below.

The Experience: Full seven (7) day hunt. All hunts are from Saturday to Saturday. You may arrive Friday night or Saturday before noon if it has been pre-arranged and confirmed by us. Hunting begins Saturday and ends the Friday. Note: One (1) Bear per Hunter.

The Area: 140,000 acres of exclusive bear management area with 30-35 active baits approximately one mile apart situated on logging and trapping trails and accessible by two wheel drive vehicles. ATV's welcome (bring insurance and helmets).

About The Baits: We start baiting long before you arrive to ensure  active baits.  

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT add anything to the Bait mixture or Baits WILL SHUT DOWN!

Bow and Rifle Welcome: We cater to both bow and rifle hunters. You can bring in both to your stand in Ontario.  Guns and bows must be cased one half hour prior to sunrise and one half hour after sunset. Click here  to register or for more gun registration information .

Lake Front Cabins:Fully equipped for housekeeping with dishes, pots and pans, cutlery; propane stove with oven; microwave; full electric fridge with top freezer;  electric lights, coffee maker and toaster; running cold well water; indoor portapotties plus private outhouse; beds with pillows and pillow cases; fire pit, on-site BBQ and picnic table; central shower building with hot and cold running water.

lake front cabin Black Bear Camp

Practice Good Hunting Etiquette:Please bring your own tree stands.We have an area for you to shoot your bows and rifle. Please practice at home from a tree stand or from off the ground. Please respect the animals you are hunting, take the time and make your shot count. We do not tolerate wounding animals. A good hunter is a patient hunter, if you do not have a clean shot DON'T TAKE it - calm down, relax and wait for one.

*Non-Hunters:Non-hunters are welcome to join your hunting group for $175 USD per week but are not permitted in the bear stands, not even to video. Please ensure your guests understand the rules.

Additional Options: Meals: additional meals $350 USD  (3 all-you-can-eat meals for seven days); Fishing Licence (prices vary); Boat and Motor Rental Available.

NOT Hunting Bear?Other hunts are un-guided so you pay only for your Cabin.

Things to bring:

Hunter safety certificate or old hunting licence; Camera (with extra batteries); Camcorder; Bow; Rifle; Rope; Flashlight; (extra batteries); Safety harness; Hunting boots; Rain gear; Hunting/Skinning knife; Compass; Case and gun trigger lock; (required for highway driving); Large cooler for transporting bear; Tree cameo hunting clothes; Orange vest and hat; Tree stand.

Available for a fee: Sleeping Bag; Towels; Food/Beverages; TV/DVD and Rental Movies; Boat and Motor; Fishing Equipment; Playing Cards and Games.

ALSO Available at Camp: Central showers; laundry; boats and motor (must pre-book); docking; boat launch; some bait and tackle; map of lake; licences; store with basic stock: ice, gas, oil and tourist goodies like shirts and hats; sauna; playground; swimming; biking; hiking; ATV trails; bird watching; berry and mushroom picking, pedal boat, canoe; family campground.


Personal cheques; US and CDN Cash; VISA/MASTERCARD; Travellers cheques; Interac Debit cards.


DUI/DWI and Other Alcohol or Criminal Offences: Coming into Canada, even if you're a passenger and have no intention of driving, any criminal conviction, including DWI, can make a person inadmissible. You might want to look into this ahead of time. Under Canada's Tourism Facilitation Action Plan, you may be able to get aTemporary Resident Permit.

The program is for people who have been convicted of an offence such as driving under the influence of alcohol but who served no jail time and committed no other acts that would prevent them from entering Canada. It would be advisable to make special arrangements before you cross (give yourself several months to get the paperwork done). Even in the event you are denied entry you are still responsible for the full price payment for your hunt (less licence).

OTHER: Please do not bring anything to add to the baits, especially not Annise or Smoke Sticks. We use only pastries and fresh cut meats. Anything foreign may shut down the bait rendering your hunt unsuccessful with no refunds.

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