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Fishing, Hunting or Eco-tourism is an un-guided experience so costs are based on which cabin you choose. Cabin rate includes up to four adults. Additional adults are charged $60 CDN each for the week. Children under age 16 are counted in the cabin capacity which can not be exceeded. Sleeping tents/trailers will be charged the appropriate camping rates.


Taxes and License not included

Check-in time 1:00 PM

Check-out time 11:00 AM

Back to FAQ and what you should know about Hunting Regulations, Guidelines Season dates and other useful information. (or click on Front cover left and scroll through the PDF Regulations booklet)

Black Bear | Moose | Deer | Grouse | Ducks | Geese

Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse and Other Small Game

Grouse are very common in our area. There are plenty of paths and ATV trails to follow out into the thick bush where you will find groups of grouse. " For the most part, grouse feed in early morning and late afternoon and it doesn’t take long for them to fill up. That’s why hunting cover around feeding areas is just as important. Coniferous trees near creek bottoms, marshes, and food sources are places to investigate in the fall. As the season gets older and winter approaches, this “dark growth” is even more significant..."read more tips" Source: Ontario Out of Doors Magazine.

Black Bear Camp does not  have an organized Small Game Hunt so hunters are invited to pay regular cabin or camping rates....

Hunting Regulations and Summary Guidebook

Large Animal and Small Game Hunting

Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting

Deer are plentiful in Ontario. You will often see deer feeding on the side of the road or in fields. The most common deer in Ontario is the White Tailed Deer. Black Bear Camp does not  have an organized deer hunt so deer hunters are invited to pay regular cabin or camping rates.

Ontario Bull Moose Hunting
Please contact Black Bear Camp for details.

Duck & Goose Hunting

Duck and Canada Geese are all over the area in the Fall. The birds come down from the Arctic after feeding in the rich tundra ponds and lakes. Flying south toughens up the meat and by the time they get down south their meat is dry and "gamey".  Ducks and Geese taste so much better when you hunt them in the north so join us and enjoy a fresher, tastier meat.

Black Bear Camp does not  have an organized Duck/Goose Hunt so hunters are invited to pay regular cabin or camping rates.... and must create their own blinds.

"There are Good People Out There"  by Dan Biely (2 page PDF format)

an insightful story about people, attitudes and an eventful Moose hunt that almost didn't happen...