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Terms of Use | Black Bear Camp - 4 Season Wilderness Camp | P.O. Box 280 Webbwood, Ontario, Canada P0P 2G0 | Call: 705-869-6060 or Toll Free: (888) 440-2887 | Email us 

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Tom & Karen Ellin, owners of Black Bear Wilderness Camp

Fireworks at Black Bear Camp
Fireworks at Black Bear Camp

Tom and Karen Ellin are your Hosts at Black Bear Wilderness Camp. They welcome avid outdoors people and their families and friends to join them for an exciting and fun filled Canadian Northern Ontario Wilderness Experience or Family Vacation. They also host Barbeques, Bands, Karaoki, Halloween, Special Events and more!  Start planning your next Hunting, Fishing trip or Family Vacation NOW! 

RESERVE NOW at 1-888-440-2887 or Contact them Today! 

Tom and Karen Ellin Owners Black Bear Camp

Meet Kaija, Black Bear's Karelian Bear Dog

The Karelian Bear Dog is a Finnish or Karelian breed of dog. In its home country it is regarded as a national treasure. In Finland they are more often used for hunting moose and elk although they will hunt any kind of animal. Bear and moose tests are conducted in Finland, Sweden and Norway to determine an individual's ability as a beardog and weighs heavily in the dogs breeding potential. This dog will put a bear to flight or attack it with great pugnacity and will sacrifice its own life for its master. Its quick reflexes and fearless nature have also made it very popular for hunting other aggressive game such as the wild boar. It was the breed's ability to hunt and offer protection against a bear that earned the breed its name.

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