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Our Roots are Rich in History
What a long-time guest of Black Bear Wilderness Camp had to say...
excerpt from facebook post:

I am so glad to see you have a facebook page! Gough lake and your camp in particular have given me and my family so many memories over the years that I often think of it. My grandparents and my father used to go there every July from the time my father was about 20 (around 1957). That was 59 years ago as my father is going to turn 79 this year! My grandparents started going there a few years before my father began to join he was in the Marines and could not go. So I believe the began going to your camp every year from 1955 on. I believe Lavec (I know I have the name spelled incorrectly, please excuse) owned the camp then. My father and his parents, other family members, church friends, and others continued to go every July each and every year for decades. I began going with my father when I turned 6 years old (1975).....I am now 46. I went with my father each year, each July until I was about 24 or so (about 1993). During most of that time Charlie Skinner owned the camp. He sold it to new owners that owned the camp the last handful of years we went there ....sorry but I forgot there names and it may be you all for all I know.

So, all in all, my family visited the camp each July for about 40 years! The people we went with changed over the years. For a couple of decades we rented out almost all of the cabins. Later on we rented only a handful of them. We stayed in cabin #5 when I was younger for about 10 or so years and then began staying in Cabin #3 all the way up until we quit going. I remember there was no electric in any of the cabins and remember when cabin #3 got was a BIG deal! I still have many, many photos of my family at the camp that date back to the 50's! I cannot begin to tell you of the memories I have of your wonderful camp, Gough lake, and beauty of that area of Canada.

My father has Alzheimer's now and rarely speaks. But a few years ago, when he was already very forgetful he would often speak of Gough lake and would tell me he wanted to go back one more time. It was sad as I knew he could not make the trip . . . . but at the same time it was calming and pleasant as it was the place we spent so many wonderful memories together and a place that was so very warm to his heart.

I am so glad I found your page and will follow you regularly. Take care!

We have found the pictures below, circa 1900. They started building the camp in the late 1800s. We still use cabin #1, which was one of the first cabins built and it's as solid as a rock today.


of the Camp

circa 1900